How I got into the business ? After a prep school in literature and a law degree, I worked for five years as a rights and acquisitions manager at Odile Jacob Publishing, a leading independent non-fiction French publisher. Whilst there I gained great insight into the strategies a publisher implements when looking for, acquiring and promoting important books.
What is on my desk ? A sunset pastel drawing, a copy of the French translation of Roberto Bazlen’s editorial letters, a picture of John Baldessari’s painting ‘What is painting’, a crystal, a snow globe with Notre-Dame de la Garde and a pile of notebooks.
My Mantra: ‘Everything is connected in life, the point is to know it and to understand it.’ Gillian Wearing
One Wish: More bridges, of all kinds, whether it is between people, countries or trades.



How I got into the business ? After a law degree specialised in intellectual property law and a Master’s dissertation about the legal relationship between the literary agent and the author, I worked for five years as a junior scout for the French market at Cristina De Stefano’s literary scouting agency. This experience gave me a very good knowledge of the French market but also of what the clients’ most important needs are in terms of scouting.
What is on my desk ? A picture of Picasso’s painting ‘Deux femmes courant sur la plage’, a notebook Mémoire d’une jeune fille rangée by Simone de Beauvoir from Gallimard’s stationery collection, a mimosa scented candle and a pile of books and proofs waiting to be read.
How I read ? On my Ipad, on my blue sofa with tea and phone at hand. And most of the time, texting Pauline at the same time.
Perfect dinner: Albertine Sarrazin, Simone de Beauvoir (without Jean-Paul, sorry), Patti Smith and Jo March (if it is a fictional dinner, I guess I can have dead AND fictional guests). And I would serve a traditional soupe au pistou.