How I got into the business ? After a prep school in literature and a law degree, I worked for five years as a rights and acquisitions manager at Odile Jacob Publishing, a leading independent non-fiction French publisher. Whilst there I gained great insight into the strategies a publisher implements when looking for, acquiring and promoting important books.
What is on my desk ? A sunset pastel drawing, a copy of the French translation of Roberto Bazlen’s editorial letters, a picture of John Baldessari’s painting ‘What is painting’, a crystal, a snow globe with Notre-Dame de la Garde and a pile of notebooks.
My Mantra: ‘Everything is connected in life, the point is to know it and to understand it.’ Gillian Wearing
One Wish: More bridges, of all kinds, whether it is between people, countries or trades.



How I got into the business ? After a law degree specialised in intellectual property law and a Master’s dissertation about the legal relationship between the literary agent and the author, I worked for five years as a junior scout for the French market at Cristina De Stefano’s literary scouting agency. This experience gave me a very good knowledge of the French market but also of what the clients’ most important needs are in terms of scouting.
What is on my desk ? A picture of Picasso’s painting ‘Deux femmes courant sur la plage’, a notebook Mémoire d’une jeune fille rangée by Simone de Beauvoir from Gallimard’s stationery collection, a mimosa scented candle and a pile of books and proofs waiting to be read.
How I read ? On my Ipad, on my blue sofa with tea and phone at hand. And most of the time, texting Pauline at the same time.
Perfect dinner: Albertine Sarrazin, Simone de Beauvoir (without Jean-Paul, sorry), Patti Smith and Jo March (if it is a fictional dinner, I guess I can have dead AND fictional guests). And I would serve a traditional soupe au pistou.


How I got into the business ? My studies in Publishing and International Communication as well as my first experience in foreign rights in Lithuania were followed by a master’s degree in Publishing Marketing and Sales in Paris, which I obtained due to my dissertation about French literary scouting. I also did an apprenticeship in the foreign rights department at Albin Michel Jeunesse and interned at Bettina Schrewe Literary Scouting in New York.
My favorite book? Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pincola Estés.
My perfect dinner: Astrid Lindgren, for her unconditional love for children, Clarissa Pincola Estés, for showing that women, like wolves, must howl often, and Oriana Fallaci, for her Letter to a child never born.
My favorite word: Knygnešys. This word means a book smuggler in Lithuanian and comes from the 19th century, when printing books in Latin alphabet was forbidden in Lithuania by the Russian empire. Opposing occupant’s efforts to replace the traditional Latin alphabet with Cyrillic, people would print Lithuanian books outside the country, and the book smugglers would transport them from as far away as the United States.