V & P scouting is a Paris-based French literary scouting agency, founded in 2015 by Valentine Spinelli and Pauline Buisson with the aim of informing foreign publishers and feature film and television producers about the French literary scene.

Certain successful international bestsellers coming out of France over the last few years have greatly increased foreign publishers’ and producers’ interest in the French market. Our agency was born out of this observation and also out of our shared enthusiasm for French books, both fiction and non-fiction.

With our accurate and wide knowledge of the French market, we provide our clients, wide-ranging prestigious publishers and movie producers, the help they need to get the best insight into French fiction and non-fiction, from commercial to literary titles, but also the important trends and numbers that define our market and industry.

Our professional experiences have allowed us to develop very privileged relationships with French publishers and agencies. We use and develop our strong network, in combination with our instincts and knowledge of the market and French culture, to be the “eyes and ears” of our clients in France, giving them the opportunity to be ahead of the game.

Our approach towards scouting is based on attentively listening to and satisfying our clients’ needs, thanks to dynamic and disciplined teamwork.